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Allweiler - Progressing Cavity Pumps

Progressing Cavity Pumps, also called mono pumps, is one of the most useful pump types the world has yet seen. The Progressing Cavity Pumps has a single-entry rotor that rotates in a double-entry stator, giving a smooth flow without pulsation. Copenhagen Pump carries Progressing Cavity Pumps from Allweiler, Progressing Cavity Pumps from Allweiler is an incredibly versatile pump for displacing all types of liquids, slurries and material of mixed.

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About the type:

Allweiler Progressing Cavity Pumps is Self Priming Pumps, which is characterized as

rotary positive displacement pumps.


Progressing Cavity Pumps designed to promote high delivery and dosing accuracy.
The eccentric screw pump can also pump, transport or dose liquids with very different

Fluid types:

High and low viscosity liquids, neutral or aggressive liquids, abrasive or greasy liquids under varying
pressure, with constant capacity and without pulsations.
Liquids with fibres or solids can also be pumped with an eccentric screw pump.

Allweiler's Progressing Cavity Pumps can handle liquids with a dry matter level as high as 45%.

Design advantages:

Allweiler, as one of the very few factories, produces all pump parts in-house. Allweiler therefore has
experience in the production of the complicated rotor and the complex composition
of elastomers for the manufacture of stators.

Allweiler's Progressing Cavity Pumps is available with stators made of Alldur, Perbunan, EPDM, Hyperlon and
food grade Perbunan.


Allweiler has been manufacturing eccentric screw pumps for more than 70 years.
Development:The eccentric screw pump has been developed over the years by Allweiler to solve the challenges of
pump technology. These include increased lifetime of stator elastomers with Alldur®, or fast separation and
replacement of stator and rotor with Optifix, where the eccentric screw pump can remain seated in the installation,
while the service operator repairs the pump.
Alweiler's customers are repeat satisfied customers with years of experience in the operation and maintenance of
Progressing Cavity Pumps. Experience becomes a tool in managing towards lowest cost.


With years of experience, we can offer a valuable application database that can provide you with
the security you need when you're on uncharted territory.

Shelf life:

Allweiler's Progressing Cavity Pumps is built to last.
MTBF: Mean time between failures 3-500% with Alldur®
Delivery time: Allweiler's standard progressive cavity pumps can typically be delivered in approximately 5 weeks.
Spare parts availability: the majority of Allweiler eccentric screw pump spare parts can be supplied
from stock.

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