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Allweiler Hopper pumps AE. N/B-RG. ZD. ZE

Hopper pumps

Allweiler Hopper pumps AE. N/B-RG. ZD. ZE refers to Allweiler's eccentric screw slug pumps.

These are pumps for pumping liquids with dry matter content up to 45%. Allweiler produces 3 types of lug pumps with pre-feed slug, ZE, ZD and top model RG. The RG model is recommended for drained sludge, as this pump is equipped with two snails.
This type of pump can advantageously be supplied with alldur stator technique, which provides 300% extended service life.

Use: For tasks where the product is either very dry, adhesive or contains large quantities of particles e.g. fish waste, drained sludge, slaughterhouse waste, biomass, etc.

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