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Hundested Rørvig ferry Anti Helling system

Copenhagen Pump was contacted in 2011 by Naval Arcitects and asked to dimension an Anti Heeling (anti heeling) project on the Hundested-Rørvig ferry.

Due to the dimensions of the ferry, accidental heeling occurred when loading vehicles. Relatively small stabilization tanks on the sides of the ferry, together with a pumping system that should be able to be operated both from machinery spaces and from bridge, were to solve the task.

It is basically the same frost-proof liquid that is moved between the two tanks in starboard and port respectively.

Normally, high-capacity propeller pumps are used for this type of task. However, due to the capacity of the ballast tanks and for control reasons, an Allweiler Excenter snowmobile pump was used a little unconventional.

The Eccentric Screw Pump has the advantage of being fully reversible while acting as a lockout valve. Bridge and machine control are provided with level indicators so that one can keep up with the movement of the liquid between the containers.



Control: blackboard project with remote board on the bridge

Pump: Allweiler AEB 1 1450 can give up to 1.5 m3/ min at 400 rpm

Instrumentation: Pressure transmitter

Engine valves: 2 pcs

Service: The plant has been working for 2011-2021 years without the consumption of spare parts. The plant is used daily and operates very satisfactorily according to the ship's owner.

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