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Carlsberg - Pumping glue for labels

In 2017, a Carlsberg brewery approached us about a pump solution for etiquette glue.

The glue is a high viscos glue. This was previously delivered in 200 l drums, but due to increased need, the glue was now delivered in 1000 l IBC tanks.

Originally, the pumps were of a compressed air-driven piston rod pump type, which can typically provide quite high pressure. According to the service organization, there were often faults at the pumps and it was often associated with quite high maintenance costs to operate the pumps. There was therefore a desire for more predictable maintenance at future pumps.

The pressure requirement was, incidentally, quite significant about 12-16 bar.

The glue runs in a loop between several machines, which themselves call for glue via a level switch.

We solved the task with a 24 bar's allweiler ADBP 12.2 bar.2. It is a 2 step pump which can give up to 12 l/min.

The technology change led to the removal of the pulsations that piston pumps provide and thus the pressure tips that were also in the system. At the same time, a lifespan of + 12 months was achieved on the wear parts of the pump, which was a significant extension of intervention in the plant also called the MTBF time (Mean time between failures).

In the photo you can see leakage from the packing box, this is due to a mounting error during startup. There was the switch around on the pressure and suction side. The suction side is not designed for a output pressure of 16 bar. We have included the picture for learning reasons.

When the flow direction was reversed, the project worked perfectly.

General features General features
16 bar
2-12 l/min
Up to 1000 mpas
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