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Allweiler OptiFix Eccentric Screw Pump

Maintaining your pumps has suddenly become much easier

The new Allweiler OptiFix eccentric smart pump is designed for quick and easy separation and reassembly. The Allweiller OptiFix eccentric screw pump is the best in class when it comes toMEAN TimeTo Repair (MTTR), which means less downtime and less service costs.

Separates in 5 simple steps

Save up to 85% in maintenance time! Allweiler Optifix is separated into 5 simple steps and save you precious service and downtime.

  • Loosen bolts and remove midrail
  • Remove stator
  • Remove inspection cover and remove rotor
  • Loosen bolts and remove friction coupling
  • Remove shaft seal and drive shaft

Significant uptime

Allweiler OptiFix eccentric screw pump delivers much more than reduced service time

Built to last - OptiFix is designed for easy maintenance without compromising the durability of the stator and rotor.

Built to perform - The new design also offers uncompromising performance and high efficiency.

Built to fit - With robust and compact construction, it is possible to install the pump in more places than ever before.

Built to run - The self-centered extension piece between the stator and pump housing makes it easier to clean, reassemble and maintain, which in turn means less potential failures.

Allweiler OptiFix is designed to work in a wide range of applications

Allweiler OptiFix eccentric smart pump excels in applications involving:

  • Consistencys from liquid to pasta
  • Solid substances
  • Tiksotropic liquids
  • Lubricating and non-lubricating liquids
  • Dilate liquids
  • Abrasive liquids
  • Glue

Allweiler optifix eccentric screw pump

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