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Copenhagen Pump

1. Offer.
Offers are valid for 60 days or within the time period specified in the offer.

2. Order confirmation.
The order confirmation, which the buyer does not object to within 3 days of receipt, is deemed to be approved.

3. Prices.
Prices apply to specified quantity including packaging and excluding assembly, commissioning at the assembly site, and excluding VAT. Summit Electronics ApS reserves the right to make price adjustments without prior notice.

4. Supply clause.
Ab lager Albertslund. Shipping on the safest way for the item type and in the salesperson's experience. Any special requests for specific shipping mode are indicated by the buyer when ordering.

5. Complaint. Complaint.
The delivery is checked by the buyer immediately upon receipt for any defects and transport damage.
Objections for defects are notified to the seller within 8 days.

6. Warranty.
A 12-month manufacturing guarantee is granted from the date of delivery. Repairs covered by the warranty, software changes and service on delivered goods can only be made at Summit Electronics ApS unless otherwise agreed in writing. Repairs covered by this warranty are carried out free of charge. For consequential damages are not liable.

7. Returned items.
Un stocked goods (repatriated to order) are not returned. Stocked goods are only returned by prior agreement within 8 days of receipt and will be credited with max. 80% of the
invoiced amounts if they have been returned unharmed and in original packaging.

8. Documentation.
Each product includes a user manual. Additional operating instructions can be requested and will be provided for calculation.

9. Terms of payment.
Invoice date + 30 days or per C.O.D.

10. Product liability.
As regards liability for damage caused by the equipment (product liability), the following applies:The buyer must indemnified the seller to the extent that the seller is liable to the third man for damage caused by the material on the

  • property or movable property where the damage occurs while the property is in the buyer's possession.
  • products produced by the buyer or on products in which they are incorporated or for damage to movable and immovable property caused by those products as a result of the equipment.

The seller is not liable for operating losses under any circumstances, including lost profits or other financial consequential losses.

If the third party makes a claim against one of the parties for liability under this paragraph, that Party shall immediately inform the other thereof.

In addition, without prejudice to the above in paragraphs 1 to 10, the present delivery shall be subject to general delivery condition NL92,which is requested from:

Summit Electronics ApS
Roskildevej 8-10
2620 Albertslund
tel. 48 47 59 19.

Copenhagen Pump
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