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Damhusåen Lynette community Allweiler macerator on rotten tank

Damhusåen Biogas rotten tank Allweiler Macerator ABM

In 2015, Copenhagen Pump was contacted by Damhusåen at lynetteselskabet for a replacement of the existing havareret macerator. The customer who stored data on spare parts consumption could inform us that the macerator over 20 years had been, the cheapest macerator in operation in the entire history of the Lynette community. It was therefore interesting that Allweiler's ABM macerator was still in production.

Rotten biomass tank operation is best achieved with homogeneous biomass. For more than 20 years, an Allweiler Macerator has been used on damhusåen's rotten tank for this very purpose. The Macerator is of the Grinder type with rotating plates and is available with capacity of more than 80 m3/h.

The macerator ABM itself has a pumping effect which allows you to insert it into short pipelines on tanks without the use of pump, but in most cases the liquid is forced through the pump with possibly an Allweiler eccentric snekke pump.


According to Damhusåen's records, the Allweiler ABM Macerator is the cheapest shredr the Lynette community has ever had in operation. In 20 years, the blades have been changed twice and the axle seal has changed about every 4 years.

The macerator is operated about 8 hours daily.

6 Damhusåen Biogas digestion tank Allweiler Macerator ABM

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