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Front page Projects Bilge pump on MS Santa Rosa. Hamburg Süd (Maersk)

Bilge pump on MS Santa Rosa. Hamburg Süd (Maersk)

Traditional bilge pump task on M. Container ship. MS Santa Rosa Hamburg Süd

For draining water from bilge wells and moving sludge from centrifuge slurry tanks, an Allweiler Eccentric Slug pump type AEB 1 F 100 or AEB 1 E 50 is very often used.
Pumps typically have to suck relatively far, which is usually considered poor working conditions in purely pumping technology. By suction, the pumps will be able to work for a long time before the long straws are evacuated for air. A consequence of this is dry running, which tears apart the rubberstator's surface. The steel rotor is also quickly destroyed, as seen by tearing. Derived damage to assembly parts and axelt seals is seen as collateral damage.
Then why use an Allweiler eccentric smart pump in these unfavorable conditions. With a little trick, the pump is made long-lasting. The pump is equipped with a magnet valve which allows small amounts of water (possibly lake water) into the pump during operation. In this way, the pump is lubricated, cooled and sealed internally.
The pumps are also very easy to service and only a few spare parts are required on board to get the pump into operation after an overhaul. Despite its very high quality, the pump is quite cheap in both operation and purchasing.
Pump protection: Excenternekke pumps are positive displacement pumps and should be secured against overpressure and barrier. The pump can be secured either mechanically with a bypass line with bypass valve or electromechanical with a simple Danfoss pressostat.

Pump AEB 1F 100 1.1 kw 400 rpm
Capacity 12 m3/h
Press up to 6 bar
Instrumentation Danfoss magnet valve and pressostat

Bilge Pump

Bilge pump with valves

Bilge pump with magnet valve

IMO Fuel Pump

Sludge Pump

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