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Aarhus Harbour IMO ACF 125 IVBP.

In 2018, Copenhagen Pump was contacted by service partner about replacing 1 of 3 existing IMO Pumps. In connection with the tendering, Aarhus Harbour addressed a number of experienced challenges, which we later found at Site visit were pressure shock-related.

In consultation with the parties, it was decided to install an external bypass valve which immediately appeared to solve problems around pressure shocks at start-up and during locking. The IMO ACF pump has a built-in bypass valve/safety valve whose primary function is to protect the pump. The internal valve can act as a work valve, but it is with increased and unnecessary wear of wear parts in the pump as a result. An ACF pump is also a rather large and heavy pump. It therefore makes perfect sense to install an external bypass valve in situations like this, where the pump is used for coupling external piping systems, in this case tankers and ships where you cannot control the receiver's plant operation.

The replacement from generation 2 to generation 5 was, moreover, quite painless as the two generations on the outside are goal-fixed.


Replacement of Imo ACF 125N5 IVBP IMO PUMP UNIT

Commissioning, plant analysis, additional change

Media Fuel oil

Capacity: 100 m3/h

Press variable up to 16 bar

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