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Stjerne-Chrom A/S - Allweiler ANBP Lime dosing pump

In 2023, Copenhagen Pump was asked to find and deliver a new lime dosing pump to replace an existing peristaltic pump.

The lime, which is suspended in water with an agitator, is also kept circulating in the lime tank until it is used to flocculate industrial wastewater. The industrial wastewater is flocculated to bind harmful particles that you don't want discharged to the sewer.

The binding of lime to the particles works by giving the particles enough surface area to be filtered. Circulation is done to prevent the product from settling after agitation.

The Allweiler progressive cavity pump is a positive displacement pump that is characterized by being highly pressure-stiff and pulsation-free. It is therefore suitable for pumping almost all media types from water to highly pressurized liquids.

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Liquids with particles or sensitive particles are easily handled by the Allweiler pump, as it is not only a powerful pump but also handles pumping very gently. The pump is also simple and inexpensive to maintain.

Since the Allweiler ANBP pump is a positive displacement pump without a safety device, the pump should be overpressurized and dry run protected. Dry run protection means a device that prevents the pump from running out of fluid or not starting up without fluid. For this purpose, we installed a Weber Captor flow switch. The flow switch works thermally. That is, a small amount of energy is fed to a bulb head that senses the cooling caused by a passing flow.

The instrument is scaled 0-100% with 10 intervals illuminated by LED indicators. Set point and speed are set by picking two easy-to-use rotary knobs. If the flow drops during operation, the instrument notifies an engine protection system, which then cuts the engine, the same happens if an attempt is made to start up without fluid.

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