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Jammerbugt Allweiler Optiflow AEB 1 F 553 supply of decantercentrifuge

In the spring of 2021 Copenhagen Pump was contacted by a treatment plant regarding the replacement of older Allweiler pumps. Satisfaction with the existing pumps had been very high according to the plant and therefore there was a desire for a possible 1-1 replacement, however, with a focus on modern shaft seals.

1-1 replacement
In consultation with the customer, we selected Allweiler's base model Optiflow with the code AEB 1 F 553. The pump fits measurements in accordance with several older models. In the design of Optiflow, emphasis has been placed on solid operating economy and a favorable pricing especially of wear parts.

The pumps are used to supply primary sludge to the decanter centrifuges.

The pumps are zoned for VFI operation. This gives the advantage that you can easily control the supply of primary sludge to the centrifuges, possibly via a dry matter meter, which we can also supply together with the pump. During operation, the pumps wear out and the displacement of the pump is reduced. Therefore, over time, you have to compensate with increased rotation inputs in order to maintain capacity. The pump is zoned to approximately 200 rpm with the possibility of regulating up to an output speed of approximately 400 rpm.

Media Primary sludge 7-9 pcs dry matter.
Capacity: 15-25 m3/h
Press 2 bar
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