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Dong Filsø Allweiler PC pump with Equal Wall technology 48 bar

Copenhagen Pump was contacted by Dong in 2010 for delivery of an ATEX approved 48 bars Excentersnekkepumpe.

At Dong's receiving station Filsø, Copenhagen Pump designed and delivered a pumping solution for a somewhat unconventional pumping task, namely the return pumping of contaminated water from the natural gas pipeline from the North Sea fields.
The solution was based on Allweiler's EW Equal Wall technology, where a stator's metal sheath follows the stator's inner profile. The advantage of this technology is that compression of the rubber compound in the stator is not so easily possible. This allows for a higher pressure per pump step. With this construction kunn we design a short pump with a output pressure of 48 bar which was necessary for this task.
The pump would, of course, have to be carried out according to the ATEX Directive, which interferes with the choice of shaft seals and the general safety instrumentation around the pump which must also be Atex approved.

Liquid water containing hydrocarbons
Service: The pump has been in operation since 2013 and is unlikely to have yet needed a replacement of parts. However, the pump has only limited daily operating time.

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