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Allweiler Macerator ABM

The Allweiler Macerator type ABM is mainly used for dividing and homogenizing products to be pumped and/or circulated.

Allweilers Macerator ABM, shredder for a fine fraction between 0,8 and 6 mm. The breakdown is done both by cutting and crushing, which is one of the reasons why it is so efficient. The model is available in capacities from 3-160 m3/h, (depending on the product) and is available in cast iron and stainless steel, etc.

Allweilers Macerator ABM is available in an I and S Version respectively 90 gr. and inline 180 gr.

The rotor has a limited pumping power in addition to the dividing effect, however it is recommended that the divider is connected in series with an eccentric screw pump. The Macerator is simple and above all very inexpensive to operate and maintain.

Application:The Allweiler Macerator ABM is widely used in wastewater treatment plants and biogas plants for digester operation and biogas production. The task of the Macerator is to open the surface of the circulated biomass in order to increase the rate of decomposition, conversion and fermentation.

In the agricultural sector, the Macerator is used to break down/open starch (maize) for feeding. A wide range of plant fibres are pumped only for shredding.

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