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Imo pump screw spindle pumps

Imo AB produces 3-axis screw pumps primarily for pumping petroleum products. Imo Pump produces the following types ACD, ACE, ACF, ACG, D4, E4; LPQ.

Imo ab invented the 3-axis screw pump and is still considered a world leader in the technology. The technology is very quiet even under high pressure.

The pump is self-priming and has a built-in bypass valve, ready to install. The by-pass valve is considered as a working valve.

Imo performs transfer pumping line up to 16 bar as well as a high pressure line up to min. 80 bar.

In our technical descriptions, the individual parameters of pressure, temperature, viscosity and their interrelationship can be found.

Axle seals:
Imo pumps are equipped with either a single mechanical shaft seal or a magnetic coupling (seal-less).

The shaft seals define the transfer pumps in 2 versions Lub line NVBP and Fuel Line NTBP version. The shaft seals are either Sic/Carbon or Sic/Sic and are interchangeable. This means that an NVBP pump can easily be changed to an NTBP version. This results in a better sealing of the pumps.

Imo Pump ab is part of Circor and through this linked to Allweiler, where the pumps are currently produced in Radolfzell, Germany.

Imo pumps are mainly used for oil products such as lubricating oil, heavy fuel, diesel oil, gas oil, hydraulic oil, vegetable oils, as well as pumps for new biodiesel or biofuel, etc.

It is therefore also natural that Imo pumps are the preferred choice of shipping companies for ships, and of energy companies for burner/boiler systems on heat generating plants, and everywhere else where oil has to be pumped, for example for hydraulics.

Type approvals:
Imo can be certified according to all recognised classification systems such as Lloyds, DNV, etc. and can also be Atex approved.

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