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Front page Projects Novo close cavitation-free pumping of hot sterile water.

Novo close cavitation-free pumping of hot sterile water.

Copenhagen Pump, Green Pump and established Medico companies, developed a pump that meets a wide range of Medico-validated characteristics. The pump is used for pumping hot sterile water. The challenge of this pumping task is temperature-conditioned cavitation in conjunction with a high density requirement and a wide range of material, material machining and documentation requirements.
Cavitation is the formation of steam bubbles which, as a result of the ambient pressure on the liquid, understitious the vapour pressure of the liquid. When this balance is reached, a phase change occurs from liquid to steam. In a pump, this phenomenon is called cavitation.
Phase skiing and cavitation can occur for many reasons, but are typically conditioned by the system. The typical pumping solution is based on a dense magnet-coupled turbine pump which can handle up to 20 per cent steam. However, despite this special ability, it is essential to ensure cavitation-free operation. Cavitation-free operation is ensured by calculating/determining the value of the plant's NPSH (A), a good plant understanding and good plant service.

Project Pumping sterile water
Capacity 3-6000 l/h
Press 3 bar
Viscosity up to 1.0 mPas
Density up to 1 kg/dm3
Temperature up to 120C

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