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Lynetten Copenhagen- Allweiler Optifix excenter snock pump with Alldur Stator

Large Slam pump with big savings

In 2019, Lynetten ordered an Allweiler Optifix eccentricnekke pump with Alldur stator at Copenhagen Pump.   The Optifix pump with Alldur is Allweiler's answer to a competing technology for Mono Pump's Easy strip and Seepex long lasting SCT technology in one pump.

The market, especially in wastewater, has requested a pump technology where the pump can be separated and maintained with Stator change, rotor change and replacement of shaft sealing easily and quickly, without the pump necessarily having to be removed from the pipe system. Especially with large and heavy pumps, the advantage gives significant work savings. At the same time, the operating savings are great by a lifetime extension of the rubber separator in particular.

Allweiler decided to develop a pump that could solve both challenges in one pump.

The Alldur concept was born in 2018 which is brilliant in that it is based on Allweiler's existing eccentric smart pump technology. Allweiler has chosen to make a assembly point on the drive shaft, which allows you to remove the stator and rotor in one piece in the installation. The total operation can be done in about 20 minutes. The lifetime aspect of the elastomer in the stator was resolved a few years earlier with Alldur a compound that lasts about 3 longer than a traditional good rubber overload.

Overall, according to Allweiler, the operating savings with the new technology are 3-500%.

Allweiler's pricing strategy has been favourable to the buyer. The Optifix strategy costs about 10 per cent more than a traditional pump. Alldur technology is about 100% up, by a normal Allweiler stator, but when buying new pump can be traded marginally compared to an ordinary stator.

However, the great savings are subsequently seen in the operation where the customer in principle operates his pump with ordinary spare parts from the Allweiler program at ordinary low prices.

Project Lynetten

Primary sludge 7-9% dry matter

Capacity 30 m3/h

Viscosity 500 mPas

Pump Allweiler Optifix ALLW-AEB2E750MF/011 GOK YL

Flangeer DN 125

Service Unknown

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