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IMO - Screw spindle pumps

Screw spindle pumps are positive displacement pumps, the pressure increases when the liquid is pulled through the pump. In relation to e.g. centrifugal pumps, there is no pulsation during the pumping process. Pumping takes place in a round chamber where one or more rotating pistons push the liquid through. A screw spindle pump is specially suited for liquids and oils.

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The screw pump has many advantages

Screw pumps are positive displacement pumps. There are many good things about the pumps that make them capable of performing tasks that many other pumps cannot. A screw pump is usually made up of two or three spindles, and it is an efficient pump with a low noise level. When the pump is started and rotates, the spindle and pump housing create chambers. The rotating pistons force the medium through the chamber. 

Screw pumps have, among other advantages, the ability to pump a liquid or oil without turbulence or pulsation. This is not possible with a centrifugal pump, for example. In addition to being quiet and enormously efficient tools, screw pumps are also self-priming. This means that they are able to handle liquids that release air or gas. 

Most screw pumps are easy to handle. It's always nice to have tools that are easy to operate. This is a screw pump. The pump is also ideal to use with changing speeds, which in turn gives you new possibilities in terms of use. 

Choose the right screw pump

There are several different types of screw pumps. Basically, they have a lot in common, but there are a few things that set them apart. It can be useful to know these things. That way, you'll be more confident that you're choosing the right screw pump for you and your business needs. 

On this page you will find several different screw pumps. We always aim to have high quality products at reasonable prices. We also always make an effort to create a wide range of products where there is something for everyone. The products are selected from some of the best manufacturers on the market, so you are always assured of top quality. 

By clicking under each product you can read more about the product. If you are still in doubt about which screw pumps to choose, you are more than welcome to contact us at Copenhagen Pump. We will do everything we can to help you find the right solution!

The best screw pumps are available from us

At Copenhagen Pump you can order screw pumps today! The screw pumps we offer are extremely easy to operate, and they are virtually maintenance-free. The pumps are also made of a material that ensures a long product life. 

Screw pumps are useful tools because they allow you to work very flexibly. The pumps are able to handle liquids with both a high and low viscosity. The pumps are gentle to the medium they pump, as they pump without pulsation. This prevents you from damaging any product during pumping. At the same time, they have an enormously high suction capacity, which makes them some of the most efficient pumps on the market. 

Screw pumps are used in the food and dairy industries. They are also used in the chemical industry and for personal care products.

If you are interested in buying a screw pump, you can buy one here at Copenhagen Pump today!

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