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About the Type

Centrifugal pumps is a type designation that covers a long range of pump models that you can find at Copenhagen pump under All Centrifugal Pumps or separately under each brand. Centrifugal pumps therefore cover a spectrum of pumps with different characteristics, for different applications. Common to all pumps, however, is that they are based on the same pumping principle, namely the centrifugal pump principle.

How does it work?

In the centrifugal pump, liquid is sucked in at the impeller, also called the impeller centre. The liquid is then guided via guide vanes 90 degrees in the direction of intake and centrifugal force throws it towards the outer edge or periphery of the impeller. It is popularly said that in a centrifugal pump, velocity energy is converted into pressure energy. There is always a connection between pressure and suction side via the liquid in a centrifugal pump. Therefore, a change at any point affects the entire system on both the pressure and suction sides. Centrifugal pumps are basically available with one impeller, called single-stage pumps and with several impellers placed in extension of each other, called multistage pumps. The centrifugal pump curve expresses the pump's ability to generate differential pressure as a function of capacity. In addition, the centrifugal pump curve shows the relationship between performance and power absorbed as well as the NPSH value.

It is important that a centrifugal pump is sized so that the NPSH (A) value of the installation is always greater than the NPSH (R) value of the pump. This is the balance that ensures that the centrifugal pump does not cavitate.

At Copenhagen Pump we can help you with troubleshooting and adjustment of pumps.

Centrifugal pumps can be connected in series or in parallel. In addition, centrifugal pumps should always be monitored with differential pressure measurement and secured against dry running and operation against closed valves. It is also a good idea to frequency/speed control your centrifugal pumps and to monitor their capacity.


The purpose of a centrifugal pump is to provide a liquid with the energy necessary to overcome the pressure loss created by the frictional loss of the liquid along the pipe wall as the liquid is transported from A to B.

Fluid types

Almost all types of liquids can be pumped with a centrifugal pump, however the performance of the centrifugal pump is strongly limited by the viscosity of the liquid. In practice, this means that pumps are usually used for tasks with a viscosity up to about 200 m.Pas. This is equivalent to the viscosity of a drinkable yoghurt. After that, other pumping technologies are used, which are collectively called positive displacement pumps.

Value creation

A centrifugal pump creates value by being reliable and usually simple in its design.


We use centrifugal pumps for pumping water and boosting pressure in households, for pumping wastewater, food, petrochemical products and much more. About 20% of the world's energy consumption is used for pumping.

Shelf life

Quality and price are linked to durability. Cheap centrifugal pumps are attractive from a short-term perspective while high-quality pumps are attractive from a sustainability and durability perspective.

Delivery time

Simple centrifugal pumps can usually be delivered in about 1-2 weeks, while more complex pump designs often have a delivery time from about 4 weeks and up.

Access to spare parts

The complexity of the centrifugal pump usually determines how easy it is to access spare parts. As a rule, however, it is always the shaft seal that fails in a centrifugal pump. There is a wide range of shaft seals on the world market and often these shaft seals can be sourced from different seal suppliers.

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