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Established in 1932 as an individual enterprise, in 2016 the company became part of the world leading Atlas Copco Group inside the Power and Flow Division. With years of successful partnership with distributors, Varisco became a brand known in industry around the world for high quality pump design and manufacturing. The success obtained in a highly competitive market is the result of strong professional teamwork, creating synergy between in-house expertise and field application solutions with customers.
That approach allowed Varisco to always anticipate the requirements of a constantly evolving market and developed our ability to provide services and assistance to our customers during the selection and installation of our pumps designed to solve their specific problems. The people who work and cooperate with the company are still today the greatest resource for us. Our Production facility is in Padua, Italy where our premium pumps are designed and tested, thanks to the state-of-art laboratory available in-house.

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Copenhagen Pump
Vores målsætning er at levere skræddersyede pumpeløsninger.
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Copenhagen Pump - 2020
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