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Aalborg cement factory renovation of IMO E4 and D4 pump for boiler burner

Copenhagen Pumpe was contacted in 2019 for an urgent renovation of an IMO D4 pump at cement factory in Aalborg . In collaboration with the local service partner, we separated and operated the pump within 24 tonnes during the summer holiday week 28.  We are very pleased that we succeeded in getting the customer's task solved, the success criteria are clearly a good insight, skilled craftsmanship and a solid cooperation from the service partner.

Fabrication of cement requires heat, very heat. For this high temperature process, fossil fuels are typically burned including oil.
Imo E4 and D4 pumps are used, inter alia, in the at the Danish cement factory when the high combustion temperatures are to be achieved. The pumps supply a fuel nozzle and atomize the oil with 60 bar.
Imo AB is originally Swedish design and especially the E4 and D4 pumps are Imo's proven technology over several decades for this particular task. Cylinders and rotors are typically manufactured together and there are only a few parts in this type of pump, which is why they do not require much maintenance either. It is not uncommon for this type of pump to have a lifespan of + 20 years with very few replacement parts.

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