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Imo lubricating oil pump for replacement in Alfa Laval centrifuge

For decades, machine builders of centrifuges and shipping companies have installed Imo pumps to supply oil for their centrifuges.

It is an understandable choice where it is difficult to find disadvantages. You could almost say it's a design match made in heaven between the two technologies.

Imo's most widely used pump for centrifuges ACE 032 is now generation 7. The pump is produced as a private label for Alfa Laval, but is thus a traditional ACE 032 pump. Common to all the generations is that they are individually measurable with the hand. You can safely replace an old Imo gen 1 pump or a private label pump with a new Imo gene. 7 replacement pump or possibly to a magnet-coupled axial seal-free pump and save on future maintenance.

Imo ACE 032 is quiet and has a built-in safety valve/bypass valve with the possibility of a constant working pressure up to 16 bar. At the same time, the pump is pressurized so that only a small amount of leakage is bypassed internally in the pump. The pump can build pressure from 2-3 mPas and up to full pressure 16 bar already from 10 mPas.

Minor Kit G053. Nothing runs without oil says an old saying, nor Imo ACE 032. The service strategy from Imo is simple, you buy all normal wear parts including packs in one kit, namely minor kit G053. This kit contains shaft sealing and packs about 10 parts in total.

The bypass valve can actually withstand being activated over and over again, but of course wears out during operation, which is why there is a rep. kit for this part G070.

Finally, you can change the axles in a shaft kit G012, but it is rare that it pays off. For the same reason, Imo has developed a bare shaft program that costs the same as G012+G053.

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