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Allweiler Hose Pump ASH

Allweiler hose pumps type ASH in the size of 25-100 mm.

A hose pump is also called a peristaltic pump. The pumping effect is caused by a powerful hose built up in many layers compressed by a pressure shoe, and the compaction is moved along the longitudinal direction of the hose. Hose pumps are usually defined by their hose dimension. An ASH 50 is thus a pump with a 50 mm internal hose diameter.

As a result of the compression, a large friction occurs between the pressure shoe (possibly roller) and the hose. This friction is handled using a glycerin-filled lubrication between hose and pressure shoes. The pumping medium is exclusively in contact with the inner part of the hose. The pumping principle is unaffected by whether there is media in the pump or not.

The pump is highly pulsed, which you must take into account when installing. The pumping principle is also a relatively expensive solution per pumped m3 of liquid both in acquisition and in operating costs. In addition to the hose which is relatively expensive, the pump also has a higher consumption of lubricant. In many cases, an Allweiler eccentric smart pump will be able to perform the same tasks more operationally without pulsations with a lower weight.

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