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Produkter Allweiler Macerator ABM

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Allweiler Macerator ABM

The Allweiler ABM macerator is mainly used for cutting or homogenizing of product which needs to be pumped or circulated.
The Allweiler ABM fine cuts to a fraction of 0,8 mm to 6 mm. The macerating is created partly by cutting and partly by milling. Thus its extremely effective.
3 -160 m3/h stainless steel and black steel. models in 90 dg bend- 180 dg strait line design ( L-S version).
In general the macerator is very simple and cost effective macerating in use with a high impact to the product.
Homogenizing and pump protection. Opening of biomass sludge surfaces for faster reaction time.
biomass, corn, fibers, solids, sludge, waste water.

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