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GEV Vacuum Technology from Copenhagen Pump v. Summit Electronics


The application of GEV vacuum pumps in industrial vacuum technology is typically for the transport of dry matter such as sand, powder and other granulates, for vacuum evaporation of foodstuffs and for vacuum packaging.

Three new products in the range

Since we have GEV as a supplier, we have also added three new products to our range on our website.

GEV Side channel blower

The GEV side channel impeller blower is used for relatively high flow and moderate negative pressure, i.e. from 600 mbar absolute. The side channel impeller blower is also an excellent overpressure pump for moderate overpressures up to approx. 0.4 bar o.

GEV Liquid pump

Liquid vacuum pumps are reliable and inexpensive and can be used in many different vacuum applications.
Water is typically used as the process fluid, but other fluids such as mineral oil, glycol, solvents, etc. can also be used.

GEV Lamella vacuum pump

Reliable oil-sealed vane vacuum pumps with model name GP-GP/M. GEV vane vacuum pumps are characterised by low operating costs and high efficiency. The vacuum pump from GEV is equipped with a special vane profile, which ensures a smooth start-up, preventing oil from entering the pump housing during start-up.

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