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Front page Projects Constant level in pump wells for the Danish Nature Agency's Re-Wilding project at Sidinge Fjord. Varisco pump VFI Kostahl -Dinel ultrasonic transmitter

Constant level in pump wells for the Danish Nature Agency's Re-Wilding project at Sidinge Fjord. Varisco pump VFI Kostahl -Dinel ultrasonic transmitter

In the spring of 2021, Copenhagen pump entered into a collaborative project with the Danish Nature Agency (NST) to modify a pump well with a new dry-set self-decontamination pumping technology.

The technology consists of Varisco self-defusing centrifugal pump, a Kostahl integral motor and a Dinel ultrasonic transmitter, as well as coding. 

The advantage of the solution from Copenhagen Pump is that the pump is an easily accessible pump, where all the technology is mounted at "eye level" and not buried on the bottom of a well. Service will thus be much simpler and comfortable to counter.

The water from the drained areas has a very high content of ochre which is precipitated, partly in the drainage pipe system and partly by centrifugal power in the pump. As a result, ochre blocked and precipitated over a short period of time in the previous pumping solution, often resulting in accidents. The Varisco pump is much more solid in its construction. With experience from other applications, the expectation is that any precipitation can be more easily cleaned if necessary by hosing.

The pump is operated modulating using the VFI's PI setup, aided by a Dinel ultrasonic transmitter, in our case for the application "constant level".

Energy consumption and service:

Energy consumption is expected to remain relatively low, despite the (in this case) 7.5 kw large electric motor consuming the pump in balance, on a November day in 2021, no more than 0.5 kw at 20 hz. At the same time, there is a huge capacity available.

Construction costs:

It is our assessment that the construction costs are comparable to a submersible pump solution, provided that you take the dry pump solution from the start.

Rebuilding existing dive solutions still makes perfect sense, as subsequent facilitation of maintenance still outweighs and repays future maintenance.

About re-wilding.

Large parts of Denmark have been reclaimed drained areas according to Dutch model. The areas are therefore low and some even below sea level, protected by and pumps. In the case, it is the drainage water of the rotation area that creates value by contributing to a new higher wetland in line with sea level. Thus, (see Bernoullis equation) no more energy is consumed and no more Co2 is emitted than the area's original total energy and Co2 load. Water is just allowed to benefit from increased biodiversity before it naturally reaches the sea. The results of the Danish Nature Agency's re-wilding project have shown in a few years say very effectively. Both in the planning phase, commissioning and by subsequent supervision of the project, we have not been able to avoid feeling like a lucky guest in nature.

On the below you tube video, Chief Engineer Thorbjørn Schrøder explains the case and the structure and operation of the plant. note in particular how quiet the whole event is before the climate screen is installed.


Danish Nature Agency by Morten Elling (biologist)

Contractor Skak Gaarde

Copenhagen Pump by Thorbjørn Schrøder 50174018

Summit Electronics by Henrik Rødne's

Thorbjørn Schrøder
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