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Teikoku - Caned motor pumps

Teikoku is an axle-proof pump built according to the slit engine principle. the construction principle means that liquid is circulated inside the engine (typically the pumped liquid) which at the same time cools the engine.

The pump degasses the Qmin current at the back of the pump to avoid the accumulation of gas in the pump.

The pump comes with a TRG bearing-wear monitor that is standard on Teikoku's pumps. The TRG instrument allows you to check the state of maintenance at the pump and avoid costly breakdowns in time. With optimal operation, the pump is virtually maintenance-free.

Use: Typically for hazardous liquids such as liquefied gases, boiler feed water and chemical products, CO2, NH3, Water, chemistry, flammable liquids, etc.

Industry, Shipping, Offshore, Refrigeration/Freeze Houses, etc.

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