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Allweiler produces some of the world's most robust industrial hose pumps.

The pumps are primarily used for pumping lime and lime slurry in connection with flue gas cleaning at power plants and for pumping floating concrete on concrete trucks. The pumps provide up to 15 bar pressure and are available in sizes 25-100 mm.

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Peristaltic pumps for dosing and pumping of chemicals

Hose pumps are ideal for dosing and pumping chemicals and are often used in demanding industrial applications. Hose pumps are also extremely suitable for pumping food and handling for example egg whites, different types of fats, milk and yoghurt and so on. Other industries in the pharmaceutical field also use peristaltic pumps to manufacture pharmaceutical products such as toothpaste, shampoo, soap and cream. In addition, hose pumps are also used in the craft industry for handling concrete, mud, paint and other high viscosity media.

Advantages of using peristaltic pumps

Peristaltic pumps work by the pump motor creating a vacuum by compressing the hose with pressure shoes or rollers. This causes the vacuum to pull the medium into the hose, while the next pressure shoe or roller gently pushes the medium further into the hose. There are several advantages to using peristaltic pumps. 

First of all, peristaltic pumps are self-priming and can be used for many different media while handling the media very gently. Another advantage is that the only wear part of the peristaltic pump is the hose itself, which is easy and cheap to replace. So there are very low running costs in using peristaltic pumps.

Which peristaltic pump should you choose?

Depending on your business needs, hose pumps are available in many different sizes. You can choose the small models, ranging from small laboratory hose pumps to the very large hose pumps for large industrial production plants. It can make a difference whether your application requires high or low differential pressure. 

This determines whether you choose a hose pump with pressure shoes or rollers. For example, hose pumps with pressure shoes can handle pressures of up to 15 bar, and hose pumps with rollers can handle pressures of up to 8 bar. In addition, there are different materials for the hoses. The choice of hose material for the pump depends, among other things, on the media you will be handling. Other questions that are relevant to ask in order to find the right hose material are, the degree of viscosity, temperature, suction head, speed the pump will run at and so on.

Learn more about peristaltic pumps

Hose pumps are also called peristaltic pumps. Peristaltic pumping systems close the hose rollers, trapping the liquid between two pressure rollers. As the peristaltic pump rotates, the pumping system moves the fluid out through the other side. With repeated pumping pressures, the hose pump works efficiently and constantly. Another advantage is that the liquid or medium being pumped does not come into direct contact with the pump. 

This makes the pump easy to keep clean. Peristaltic pumps have various functional features like it can withstand running dry and there are no valves that block or hang. At the same time, the hose pump prevents backflow and thus there is no need for flushing or cleaning after use. So you can easily switch the pump to new jobs without having to clean the pump between jobs. Hose pumps are available with 1 to 24 channels that can rotate in both directions. The peristaltic pump is also suitable for precise dosing. The precise dosages are controlled by micro-processes. There are several different types of hose pumps, ranging from basic hose pumps to dosing hose pumps and industrial hose pumps.

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