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What is a flow meter and when to use it?

A flow meter is an instrument for measuring the rate of volume or flow of media such as liquids, gases, vapours and solids. In other words it is an instrument for measuring substances in motion. A flow meter is typically used to measure the rate of flow of media in piping installations. Where a pipe installation is a closed environment, a flow meter can also be used to measure velocity of volume in an open environment. 

Many industries today use flow measurement for process optimization and increased safety procedure requirements. For example, flow meters are used in wastewater treatment plants and waterworks. There is a wide range of different flow meters available, the choice of flow meter depending on whether it is water, gas or steam that needs to be measured. Therefore, it is a good idea to thoroughly understand the purpose and type of flow meter you need in order to obtain the most accurate measurement.

Which flow meter should you choose?

The industrial application to which the flow meter will be connected, e.g. a pipe or a tank, and the medium it will measure are important to consider when choosing a flow meter. There is no flow meter that can measure all types of media such as water, gas or steam. In general, a distinction is made between volume or mass flow. You therefore need to consider the output that the measurement will provide. You can get flow meters that are designed to measure velocity, while other flow meters measure volume. 

In addition, there are also flow meters that measure mass flow. Volume is often measured in l/s, l/h or m3/h, and mass flow is measured in kg/h or t/h. Questions such as which medium, on which application and which output the flow meter should be suitable for are thus important to cover when choosing a flow meter. But there are many other relevant questions, as there are different technologies in flow meters. You can get flow meters with wireless technology or with ultrasonic, or flow meters to measure liquids with very high temperatures and with different measuring principles.

Flow measurement in closed or open channels

Closed channels mean that the liquid fills the entire channel, while an open channel can be a partially filled pipe or an open channel as in sewage treatment plants. Flow measurement in closed channels is typically found in flow measurement in pipes, where the liquid or gas fills the entire pipe as it flows through. If you need to measure flow in a closed channel, an ultrasonic flowmeter is relevant. An ultrasonic flowmeter is available in two variants, in-line and clamp-on. With an in-line ultrasonic flowmeter you can calibrate it from the factory, while with a clamp-on model you can clamp the flowmeter to the outside of the pipe.

Flow meter equipment that shows accurate data

A converter, sensors and display are essential equipment for a flow meter. The converter displays the instantaneous value and the accumulated water volume simultaneously, while the sensors collect data that is shown on the flow meter display. Flow measurement is about measuring the rate of volume and flow as accurately as possible. Quality and accuracy of flow meter equipment is therefore important in the choice of flow meter. If you are in doubt about which flow meter to choose, you can always get professional advice about it.

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