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Green Pump type GPTA

GREEN PUMPS former Caster pumps produce magnet-coupled stainless steel pumps and plastics. The magnet-coupled pump is axle-proof and thus emission-free. The pumps meet the requirements of the 1990 EPA Clean air directive. The magnet-coupled pumping solution is an inexpensive way to get around complicated shaft sealing solutions, typically in connection with hazardous liquids.

Green Pump GPTA is a machine-worked stainless steel centrifugal pump. GPTA is a turbine pump also called side channel wheel pump. The pump principle is part of the centrifugal pump category, but unlike traditional centrifugal pumps, it is able to work with a high gas content, typically up to 20%. The pump characteristic provides a relatively high pressure at a relatively low flow (see brochure). These properties make the pump an attractive choice for pumping small gaseous flow volumes from 100 l/h-3,000 l/h with pressures up to 5-7 bar.

Like all magnet-coupled pumps, the pumped liquid circulates around the inner magnet. Magnet-coupled pumps do not withstand dry running or operation against a blocked valve or that pump without a defined counterpressure. We have relay solutions based on Cos. Phi and overcurrent, which can monitor magnet-coupled pumps and disconnect them and/or alarm in case of malfunction.

Green Pump GPTA was referred to as Caster MT or Caster MTA in the Caster era.

Use: Dangerous liquids such as bases, alcohols, petrol, general chemistry, fire and explosive liquids.

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