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GEV Liquid pump

Liquid vacuum pumps are reliable and inexpensive and can be used in various applications.

Normally water is used as the process fluid, but other fluids such as mineral oil, glycol, solvents, etc. can also be used.

Available with one-thru lubrication or partial/total reuse lubrication, be careful to keep it at the desired temperature.

These packages can be manufactured according to the customer's specifications with special materials and according to the diversified manufacturing standards (API, ASME, GOST, etc.) Roots vacuum pumps and/or air, gas or steam ejectors are able to achieve lower suction pressures, increasing the suction volumetric displacement.

Technical characteristics:

  • limit vacuum 0,01 mbar;
  • displacement up to 20000 m3/h;
  • construction of special materials and custom-made control instruments;
  • possibility of installation of capacitors before after;
  • ATEX 100a certification.

Where water supply and consumption is an issue, and where a deep vacuum level is required, an oil-sealed vacuum pack with liquid vacuum pump could be supplied.
Main applications are pasta process and production, brick and tile process and production, plastics industry, wood and leather drying and degassing.


  • air/water separator at the package inlet;
  • water tank trap with level indicator, drain valve, automatic water drain;
  • electrical panel board;
  • extra set of oil irons at the discharge of the package.
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