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Replace your eccentric smart pump with a model from ALLWEILER for an extra free stator

In collaboration with German pumping giant COLFAX, Copenhagen Pump offers a free stator if you replace your eccentric smart pump with a new pump from ALLWEILER.

Change pump and get all the benefits of the future today

ALLWEILERS eccentric smart pump offers:

  • The best material
  • The optimal size
  • Sustainability
  • Unmatched quality  

Why switch to ALLWEILER

The German company, ALLWEILER, was founded in 1860 in Munich and is today the leading developer of pumps in shipbuilding, electricity generation and industrial applications. 155 years of experience in the field have ensured that the pumps are unparalleledly the industry's most efficient and the perfect pump for your business.

Our Vision

At Copenhagen Pump, we have a vision to deliver and inform about sustainable pumping solutions. We solve pumping tasks across industries within Marine, Offshore, Food, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Public and General Industry in general. We can also solve your task.

What is the common denominator in our solutions are basically good products and a deep understanding around pumping.

Copenhagen Pump
Our goal is to provide tailor-made pumping solutions.
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