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The good solution with the B70H pump


B70H is an eccentric screw pump that can be used in conjunction with foods such as honey or yogurt. Honey can be transferred to an 8 meter high tank with the B70H pump from Lutz.

In the case of honey in large quantities, for example, it will often be such large and heavy that the cart makes it possible and easy to be extremely mobile. This avoids heavy lifting.

You can get there quickly if honey has to be pumped from stacked containers or cramped places, as the pump makes it possible to deal with this problem. So it is easy to empty honey from a bottom valve.

It is also easy to adjust the flow rate if you need this for handling different types of liquids. Measuring the flow is optional.

One more thing that is optional is to choose Atex certification, which makes it possible to choose an explosion-proof design. This helps to safely handle the explosive liquids.  

The materials comply with the strict fda regulations, which means that the materials are safe in connection with direct contact with food. The surface is also polished, which ensures that no bacteria occur. Compliance with the strict rules helps to ensure that products are not contaminated.

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