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Pedro Gil - Delta Blowers

Pedro Gil Delta Blowers PG 30 is produced in 3 generation by Pedro Gil .

Pedro Gil has chosen to focus on a high-quality fan encased in a service-friendly sound cap. All service can be done without separation of the sound cap.

By opening the doors to the fan alone, the filter and wedge straps can be replaced. Oil changes are done by tapping the oil via a valve system and filling new oil by means of an integrated valve system. (See attached brochure)

Use: aeration of tanks, sewage treatment plants, extraction, pneumatic transport of gases, dry goods such as sand, flour, sugar, cereals, cement, wood flour, wood pellets, etc.

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Delta Blowers with high performance and low noise level

Capsule blowers are capable of transporting large volumes of air. Transporting air can be needed for many different purposes and is something that is used extensively in several different industries. So when you need to transport air in large quantities, it makes sense to use a Delta Blowers. The capsule blower is an efficient tool with a high performance. At the same time, capsule blowers can guarantee oil-free gases, which is a necessity in many industries. It is also a necessity when it comes to taking care of the environment. 

The Pedro Gil capsule blowers are encapsulated in a top quality sound cover. They have a low noise level and are easy to use. All necessary servicing can be done without separating the capsule blower from the sound box in which it is encased. 

The filter and wedge belt can be replaced by opening the doors to the fan. Likewise, both draining and filling of oil is done via an integrated valve system. These details make the capsule blower a very service-friendly tool. 

A rope cabinet for many purposes

Our Delta Blowers is ideal for a wide range of applications. This could be in a purification plant, for example, where capsule blowers are often indispensable. It could also be in the aeration of tanks, for extraction or for pneumatic transport of gases.

A Delta Blowers can also be used to transport dry goods. It can be dry goods such as flour, sugar, sand, wood pellets, grain, wood flour, etc. Therefore the blower is also frequently used in e.g. the food and feed industry. In these industries there are often a lot of requirements for the different products and the processes the products have to go through. You can therefore click on each product on this page to read more about it. This way you can quickly make sure that the capsule blower meets the requirements. 

A Delta Blowers is a complicated design, but that just makes it more useful. Here at Copenhagen Pump you will find a selection of capsule blowers. Although each Delta Blowers is easy to use, it can still be helpful to have some guidance to start with. You can find this in the attached brochure that comes with each product. 

Shop a Delta Blowers home today!

As I said, you'll find a great selection of capsule blowers on this site, and you can order one Delta Blowers today. Our capsule blowers are all of the best quality and we have selected the products specifically from some of the best manufacturers on the market. All in order to give you the best experience with the Delta Blowers you end up buying home. 

If you have a question about a particular product, or need guidance in choosing Delta Blowers, please feel free to contact us during office hours. 

So don't hesitate! A Delta Blowers can be very useful and in many cases indispensable. With us you will find efficient capsule blowers with a low noise level, and we sell them at a good price!

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