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DAB horizontal centrifugal pumps NKM-GE / NKP-GE WITH MCE/P

DAB horizontal Centrifugal type NKM-GE / NKP-GE WITH MCE/.

DAP is owned by Grundfos and the ownership is clearly seen in the pumps from DAB.

The NKM pumps are one or two-stage centrifugal pumps typically used for pumping water, possibly with a cash pressure function based on DAB's built-in inverter MCE and an integrated pressure transmitter.

Use: Pumping of water, including boiler water, hot water, condensate, cooling water, washing water, rainwater, etc. In short, water without particle content. The pumps are installed on ships, in buildings as well as private and public industry. NKV is made with media-touched materials in cast iron.

Pump categories: Fire pumps, sprinkler pumps, drinking water pumps, rainwater pumps, cooling water pumps, boiler and condensate water pumps, etc. Axelt sealing is performed single mechanical axelt seal Sic/Carbon/EPDM

Density: IP 55. Isolation class: F. Standard voltage: Three-phase 400 V / 50 Hz Range: 17-70 m3 / h with head up to 320 meters.. Liquid temperature range: from -15 °C to +120 °C Maximum ambient temperature: 40 °C Maximum working pressure: 32 bar (3200kPa). Mounting: fixed in upright position. Special versions on request: other voltages and 60 Hz version. On demand version full of stainless steel.

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