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Produkter Container Pumps Lutz Hygenic B70

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Lutz Hygenic B70

100% Sanitary Lutz pump based on eccentric worm pump principle, with the stator in PTFE or NBR (W). The pumps are available in sizes from 12.1 to 75.1 l / min, with certificate and declaration of conformity at AAA, FDA, En1935 and plastic ford no. The pump can be disassembled and cleaned without tools. For flow measurement dosing batch control etc. this pump can be built together with Lutz-contact flow measurement system (see separate product under Lutz flow meter) Application: Pumping of ingredients and finished products from the process vessels as IBC 1000 L containers, 200 l / drums or open tanks.
This pump type can benefit from working with our new non-contact flow sensor.

Application: Tomato, juice, milk, syrup, juice, cream cheese, ice cream, gravy, mash, must and porridge.