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Produkter Container Pumps Lutz barrel and container pump pp 41

Lutz barrel and container pump pp 41

The most famous drum pump or barrel and container pump from Lutz is the PP 41,produced in P.P. and is known for its yellow color. The pump is also available in a PVDF version called PVDF 41 for concentrated chemicals.

Lutz barrel and container pump are all so available in aluminum (alu 41), stainless steel (Niro41) and hasteloy (HC41). We also have a modified barrel and container pump for the food industry “Physilogical Safe” called “PURE”.

Lutz is a specialist in pump solutions for contained liquids. Starting from a standard package like an IBC 1000 liter tank, 200 l drum or 60 to 5 l, one can always find a solution from Lutz which fits the job.

Application: For 1000 liters IBC vessel, a 1200 mm pumping pipe is usually used, while 1000 mm of pipes are used for 200 l drums.

Typical tasks for our customer pumps are strong acids such as hydrochloric acid (HCl), sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and nitric acid (HNO3), as well as bases like nitrous oxide (NaOH) and detergents, etc.

Typical tasks for our metal pumps are oils, chemicals, fuels and food.