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Imo pump screw spindle pumps

Imo Pump produces 3 screw spindle pumps primarily for pumping oil products. Imo Pump produces the following types LPD LPE, LPQ, LR, ACD, ACE, ACF, ACG, D4.

Shaft seals: Imo pumps are fitted either with single mechanical seals or magnetic couplings. Imo Pump.se is part of Colfax and through it associated with Allweiler.

Application: Pumping of lubricating oil, heavy fuel, diesel oil, gas oil, hydraulic oil, vegetable oils, etc. on ships, refineries, offshore installations, burner / boiler systems to heat generators and all places where there also be pumped oil.

Why use an IMO Pump? IMO is the inventor of the 3-shaft screw spindle pumps and IMO Pump is still today regarded  as the world leader in this technology? The technology is very quiet even under high pressure.


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