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Allweiler ASH, peristaltic hose pump 

Allweiler peristaltic hose pumps type ASH 25-100 mm.
How does it work?
The pumping mechanism is created by squeezing a heavy duty hose by means of a shoe or a roller. In Allweiler pumps the squeezing it´s always created via a shoe pressure.
A hose pump is normally defined by its´ inner hose diameter. An ASH 50 is thus a  50 mm hose pump. As a result of the squeezing a friction loss is created and must be cooled somehow. In an Allweiler ASH pump the cooling and lubricating is done via Glycerine filling of the pump chamber. The pumping principle and the life time is not affected by its  hose filling of liquid and the pump can run dry during the whole life time of the the hose.
Before you buy a hose pump:
A hose pump is a highly pulsating pump and this must be considered during installation and pipe design.
Further more the pump design is a relatively expensive design in terms of price and maintanance cost pr pumped m3. In most cases it will be more advisable to use a progressive cavity pump i.e. from Allweiler.
Why using a peristaltic hose pump then? there are pump jobs where the wear resistance and the dry run capability  simply is considered more important than price, low foot print or even easy maintanance.
Please let Copenhagen Pump help you to avoid dangerous installation and design.
Concrete, beton, yton, fish waste, mud, lime slurry, sandy products i.e..