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Allweiler Progressive Dosing pump ADBP

Allweiler Dosing pump using progressive cavity technology

Why using progressive cavity technology for dosing or metering?

The simple technology offers advantages as!

  • Small foot print
  • No pulsation
  • No valves,
  • 1 spare part replacement kit
  • Long life time.
  • Low total cost of ownership.

Very often peristaltic hose pumps or diaphragm og piston pumps are used for dosing applications.

Maybe it time to consider progressive cavity technology?

Hose pumps tends to quickly decrease capacity over time and hose replacement has to happen often in order to keep the pump in “shape”.

Piston/plunger and diaphragm pumps contains many parts in terms of valve design, oscillating moving parts.

Both pump types fluctuates in capacity and pressure in practice its  called “creating  pulsations”.

Typically these normal metering pumps are limited to no being able to pump high viscus or even sticky products.

Using progressive cavity technology you can pump a higher variety of products to an even lower price and less impact and problems in general.


Application: Chocolate, Sucker, cream, vitamins, oils, polymer, collar, chemicals ect.

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