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Allweiler progresive Cavity Pumps AEB og AE-IE

Allweiler progressive cavity pumps AEB and AE.
Progressive cavity pumps in block design or with bearing and free shaft end for lined construction. The progressive cavity pump is on of the most applicable pump solution the world has ever seen.
The pump type belong to the positive pump design type which makes it easy to control, energy optimal, and simple to maintain and operate.
This pump can be ordered self priming, and dry run protected. An Allweiler pump is a sustainable pump solution.
An Allweiler pump can optionally be fitted with Alldur, equal wall and easy clean. Features for higher pressure, longer life time and faster maintanance.


  • Water
  • Food
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Chokolade
  • Sludge at the purification plant
  • sewage sludge bilge water on ship

Performance data Series AE.V-ID

CapacityQup to2900l/min
Discharge pressurepdup to48bar
Differential pressurepdiffup to48bar
Viscosityvup to270000mm²/s
Fluid temperaturetup to150°C
No. Stages-up to8-

The pump can be ordered self priming and dry run protected. An Allweiler pump is a sustainable pump for most applications.

Allweiler pumps are discribed with a capacity index i.e. AEB 200 Means that the pump can deliver 200 l/min at 400 rpm.

Allweiler progressive cavity pumps

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