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Allweiler OptiFix Progressing Cavity Pumps

Maintaining your pumps just got a lot easier

Designed to disassemble and reassemble in a fraction of the time, the Allweiller OptiFix progressing cavity pumps offer best-in-class mean time to repair (MTTR) which translates to less downtime, fewer service costs and longer pump life.

Disassembles in 5 easy steps

Up to 85% faster maintenance times compared to previous Allweiler designs.

  • Remove screws and extension piece
  • Remove stator
  • Remove inspection cover and rotor
  • Remove screws and loosen tensioning set
  • Remove mechanical seal, drive-side joint and shaft


Install some significant uptime

The Allweiler OptiFix progressing cavity pump delivers a lot more than just easy disassembly. It's also:


Built to last - While the OptiFix is designed for easy maintenance, we made sure that updated design didn't compromise the durability of the stator and rotor.

Built to perform – The new design also offers uncompromising performance and volumetric efficiency.

Built to fit – With robust and compact construction, the OptiFix's reduced footprint allows it to be installed in more places than ever.

Built to run - The self-centering extension piece between the stator and discharge casing and optimized sealing of parts against each other make cleaning, reassembly and maintenance easier, which in turn means less potential failures.

It's also designed to excel with applications that involve:

  • Consistencies from liquid to pasty
  • Substances with solid content
  • Shear-sensitive liquids
  • Lubricating and non-lubricating fluids
  • Dilatant liquids
  • Abrasive fluids
  • Adhesives

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